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Moved to Dreamwidth!

Haha, so I may have already posted this before but I have moved to Dreamwidth for hosting my writing. I will still be semi-active on LJ to keep up with fandoms that aren't hosted on DW. If anyone would like to add me on there, please PM me and I'll send you my username for Dreamwidth.



Lol, so I kind of gave up on my game project. It's not really for me--there's too much effort that goes into writing it. Having said that, I respect people who can write for games. It may be that I just didn't know where to tackle this project from but...meh. I'm kind of happy that I'm done with it. It was way too much stress on me...especially given my current situation.

It's not that I've completely given up on writing for games... but I think if I go back...I would want to write for a horror game. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Anyway, change of plans. Lol, I'm now trying to write a completed novel. Scripting has been something I've been working on for the past couple of weeks...and I feel it might be better to study some shows that I like to get a feel for this stuff. Now that I know the terms and whatnot, I can actually apply them to things I watch.

My parents gave me permission to pursue a career in writing, probably because I'm having trouble finding work otherwise. I'm very happy for the okay, but now I don't have any excuses to not do it. Lol, I'm going to be very upset if I can't even complete this.

Just have to break some very...terrible habits. Well, non-productive ones at least.

But this is the first time in years where I have felt consistently happy for over a week. Usually, I couldn't even make it that much. So, wish me luck.

Still Looking...

Well, I'm still unemployed. Honestly, I think it is trying to find an appropriate career that fits my personality. The positions that I have interviewed for so far...are things that I'm not really suited to. I started researching possible career options with my English degree... and I honestly feel that grant writing is something that I really want to pursue. I've really enjoyed the volunteer organizations that I've worked with in the past couple of years, and it's always been a dream of mine to contribute more to causes that I feel are important.

Now, it's all about starting a portfolio and finding some freelance work to get me going. Haha, I'm actually kind of excited!


I finally have an idea for a game script. So, I'll probably get working on that as soon as I possible can. Honestly, it's just a prologue... but still--it's more than what I've been coming up with recently. I'm so excited!

But... it'll be strange trying to work a 2D system to fit this kind of story. Hopefully, we can make it work!

For now... I suppose I should write the main story down and then work in the extra stuff later on...

Gotta have sidequests and whatnot in an RPG!

I hope someone looks forward to it! Lol. Gotta ask my friend if I can ask some people to test it...

Life Update!

So, I'm back in Colorado Springs. I'm definitely happy to be near my friends again... but still looking for a job so I'll probably be spending most of my time doing that or looking for volunteer opportunities. I hope I get one soon. It'd be nice to start earning some money for the rent that I was supposed to pay and everything.

I'm developing a 2D RPG with one of my friends. Lol, we'll see how that goes but we're both excited about it. It'll give me some practice with scripting so I'm very happy to be working on it.

I also ordered a book on script writing for animation, comic books, and video games. Can't wait for it to arrive so that I can start reading it.

Anyway, I hope everyone had an awesome new year's eve party. Let's look forward to another year! And hopefully it'll be better than 2011. XD


For My Dreams...

I am slowly getting used to the idea of relying on script writing to tell my stories. It will be easier for me that way, at least once I learn the general structure for scripts, and I will get more done--maybe even complete a project or two.

Of course, reading a script and reading a book are two entirely different things. In truth, writing books is something that I never want to let go of because it is the one activity that makes me happy. But I suppose story telling is story telling, regardless. Besides, reading is something that I don't have to let go of if I miss books that much.

And now... I'll be able to work on my projects and start submitting to companies.

It is the combination of the visual and written elements that I love about animation. It disheartens me a little that writing generally seems to be considered less important when the entire process is considered... but I suppose it can't be helped. The thing that I was most reluctant about in changing the writing format... was that it felt like I was losing more control over the project. Writing novels seems to give off more of the illusion that the author has complete control over their own work... but I suppose that's rarely the case in reality. As long as my original intent with my writing is preserved then I can give up the amount of control that I usually desire with my works.

But really, I need to rekindle my love for cartoons and watch something that thrills/fascinates me. Haven't had that feeling in so long... but then I haven't really been keeping up with any new shows/releases.

Anyway, I would like to write one books just to prove to myself that I am capable of it. And maybe I can try to get published and earn a little credibility and cash. Haha, but I suppose that shouldn't be my first priority. Although... an income would be really nice right now.

Manga Rec -After School Nightmare-

I'm not really positive how I came across this manga... but I am so happy I did. It is one of my absolute favorites, purely for the mind-fuckery of it. Now, please be aware that it does contain a lot of adult concepts and possible "trigger" scenes.

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The way in which the series handles issues of gender and sexuality and psychology are very true. Things are depicted in a realistic, if at times, unlikeable nature. The ending also adds an extra twist! I would definitely recommend reading it twice.

Here's a link for anyone who's interested! After School Nightmare.

Game Rec! -Forbidden Siren-

Forbidden Siren is a horror survival game released on the PS2...and it definitely emphasizes survival. This has got to be one of the most difficult games I have ever played, and its limited popularity may be due partially to the difficulty. Players can literally spend hours on a single mission, mapping out various methods of getting around the enemies. And that's what ups the replay value of the game, the fact that there is no single way to beat the game.

The game follows chronological timeline; players get to navigate an island filled with its former inhabitants in...undeadish form with over 10 characters and unravel the mysteries surrounding the island. Now, because I never actually beat the game myself (or actually made it past the half-way mark), I couldn't really tell you about the story. From what I remember, the island is surrounded in this red liquid and the island is shrouded in darkness due to a misguided ritual. And also... the characters have some variety of an English accent. Actually, it made things pretty comical.

The gameplay alone makes it one worth attempting. Players will navigate through maps of undead people, most of the time armed with absolutely no weapon--and folks, there's no fisticuffs in this! There will either be a weapon provided through the course of the map, or the character will start with one. Many times, players will have to traverse the map with no weapon... while the enemy is fully armed with rifles and the like. The point of the game is strategy and avoidance tactics.

Forbidden Siren offers a unique feature called "sightjacking". You basically see the map through the eyes of the creatures. That is how players map their course, by keeping tabs on the enemy and using the environment to provide diversions. And these things aren't immediately noticeable. Other than the battle system, the rest of the actions are menu based (such as picking up items, or observing them). It's another level of difficulty, actually having to go around and figure out what you can use and what you can't. In fact, after the main session of missions, players are taken again through those same missions for seemingly out of the way and completely pointless tasks that will trigger different scenes and further develop the story. But mind you... they're often difficult to point out without a guide. Or I could just be plain awful at the game... which honestly wouldn't be a lie.

Forbidden Siren!

Anime/Manga Rec -Mushi-shi-

This series needs more love!  It is, without a doubt, one of the best series I have had the pleasure of experiencing.  And let me just say that the anime is definitely something to experience.  The series follows a very episodic flow, meaning that a definitive timeline is never established.  The story follows Ginko, a mushi-shi (mushi master) on his travels dispelling various infestations of mushi. 

What are mushi, you ask?

Well, the series describes them as beings--masses of energy that linger in the space between life and death.  They are neither living, nor dead...they simply exist.  They can take on various forms, and interact with the living to some joyous and disastrous effects.  At times, it is even possible for humans to become mushi, which is where I begin the discussion of the first episode.

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Admittedly, the series takes a rather depressing turn in nearly every episode but it is still worth checking out at least once.  For those interested, here's a link to the first episode.  If anything, check it out for the music.  The anime comes with an amazing soundtrack.

The Green Seat

The manga also contains more stories than the anime does, and more of Ginko's backstory to boot.  I'd check it out just for that reason.

An Idea...

So, I've been having an idea for a community designed for people who want to enter into the field of animation/comic books/video games or express the desire to tell stories with those mediums in mind.  As a pseudo-writer wanting to enter the animation business, I realize that what I do will only be a small portion of the work that goes into developing a product.  I often find it difficult trying to figure out how exactly I'm meant to achieve this dream... and it is, quite frankly, very discouraging.

How are you supposed to work on a project that will only be partially realized?

I feel like much of the industry operates with networking in mind.  However, actually being able to network is an extremely difficult task to manage, especially for people like me who have no clue how to network.  And so, that is what I wish to achieve with this community.  Gathering (as a start) artists and writers who wish to collaborate on projects, but cannot connect easily with others who desire the same goal. 

Does it sound like a bad idea?  Obviously, I realize that there are quite a few standards/rules and "kinks" to work out in terms of how the community would function... but I just wanted to get this down.